Eridanus / River Music CD


Eridanus / River Music56mins –  Piano Solo




Eridanus / River Music

Eridanus /River Music CD – 56mins –  Piano Solo 

Originally composed pieces by Pete Pascoe. Featuring only relaxing pieces with no suddden jarring sounds, this music envokes the feeling of moving water. The music has a calming effect on most who listen and is used in a variety of work and home situations. Customers who have previously purchased have done so for use in Yoga practice, Massage, Dinner Parties, Calming Babies and Meditation among many other applications.

Track 5, ’Lifetimes’ was a top 10 finalist in the Australian Songwriters Assoc. Competition, 1999.

Composed, Recorded and Produced by Pete Pascoe

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Dimensions 14.2 × 1 × 12.5 cm


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