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PLEASE NOTE:  My stalls at the markets have been cancelled by local Councils for the foreseeable future. Any gigs I had booked have also been cancelled or postponed. Keep an eye on FB or Insta for updates in coming months.

Huge thanks my awesome Customers for your continued support – times are definitely tough in the music and arts and your purchases and positive feedback have really helped me keep on-track with producing my new works.

You can support my work in other ways too by sharing posts and streaming or downloading my music (5 albums on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc).

If you are new to my site – Welcome – and feel free to get in touch via the email if you would like a painting commission or have any questions.

Beauty of the Beaches @Mornington Library

An Exhibition of paintings of Mornington, Mount Eliza and Mount Martha was a sellout. Join the mailing list to hear about Pete’s next exhibition.

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An independent songwriter, pianist, vocalist and artist Pete began his musical and artistic career in New Zealand. He moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1997.


A multi skilled artist Pete also paints Seascapes and surrealism. His paintings reflect the peace found by the water.

Pete has had many successful exhibitions around Melbourne. The latest in 2019 was a sell-out solo exhibition in Mornington.

Pete received the 2017 Goldstein Community Award for services to the Arts.


Pete is a published Children’s Book illustrator and also illustrates commissions.
He has illustrated 8 books including a series of 5 books featuring a purple flying Pig Called Pete and 3 separate titles about Chooks, Cows and a Bee.


Currently working on a new Album Release for his Band and Solo Recordings.

12 Albums previously released – Solo Piano, Rock, Folk Rock and Piano/Vocal.