Be entertained with a song and an extended chat, ranging from off the cuff banter/humour to life observations and song analysis.

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Welcome to Song and a Chat. This is the podcast where you’ll have the pleasure of listening to a new song each week – plus, you’ll get to step into the shoes of a songwriter : You’ll hear about the background of the song, the inspiration, how/ why the song came into being.  After the song finishes, I’ll go over the lyrics and finish each episode by looking at the song from a songwriting point of view. If you just want the song and no talk, the time where the song kicks in will be in the title of each episode.

I love lyrics and I love a melody. I play piano and sing. I have a number of albums to my name. 

I have written over 800 songs. Of course, not all of these songs I written will make it onto an album. As a songwriter, the first step for a new song is ( or was ) to record a demo. Often you catch something unique in this demo – something that is often not replicated in the studio cut….a certain feeling. 

If you’re looking to be entertained, like listening to new songs and live recordings, I hope you’ll enjoy what’s on offer here.

I have a stack of demos from which I’m sharing one on a weekly basis. Plus I relate anecdotes about my life as a piano man, from around the time each song was written. I treat each show as a mini intimate concert – with extended chat, which ranges from off the cuff banter/humour to life observations and analysis.

The idea is : the song can be listened to for pleasure in its own right, or the listener may choose to also be entertained and informed by the story around the song. 

I’m really enjoying recording these podcasts. Each week I look forward to getting behind the mic, setting aside my current musical and artistic projects and casting my mind back in time by focussing on a song I’ve composed. It’s turning out to be a satisfying – and sometimes surprising – time of reflection and discovery for me. 

The lyrics and the recordings take me straight back to when the song was written.

Gain an insight into songwriting and listen to a series of snapshots of life of a songwriter / performer / artist. 

It’s a great way for me to archive a song and it’s ‘back story’. Music is to be shared. What point is there In having five songbooks and piles of demos gathering dust? 

I welcome feedback – whether you’re tuning in to enjoy music for music’s sake, you enjoy finding out about the origins of songs, you’re looking for tips on songwriting or perhaps you’ve got tips for me. Either way, I’ll be learning plenty as I go along. Thanks for a having a read. Come on and join me for a listen.