Pete’s music varies from Rock, Ballads and Folk Rock songs to contemporary Classical Piano compositions (800+songs to date). His work has a strong emphasis on melody and lyrics.

Check out Pete’s Facebook music pages and Youtube :                      Pete Pascoe Songwriter                                                                                                   PASCOE Pete’s Band                                                                                                         YoutubePetePascoeMusicArt

Influences include: Neil and Tim Finn, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Elton John and Dave Dobbyn.  A New Zealander by birth, Pete grew up with the sound of these great songwriters drifting through his family home.

As a Rotary exchange student to Wyoming, USA Pete won the ‘Stars of Tomorrow ‘ 1984 Competition. Upon leaving school Pete became a professional musician, performing locally with various bands and solo. He formed the band ‘Strangetown’ with longtime musician friend Paul Dredge – they played at NZ’s Mountain Rock Festival in 1996. Later that year Pete played the leading role in Jesus Christ Superstar. In 2001 Pete had leapt at the opportunity to play live on stage with Neil Finn during his NZ tour.

After moving to Australia in 1997 Pete continued with his music and has played numerous gigs around Melbourne and formed the band PASCOE.

Original Art and Music