Contemporary Classical

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13 pieces selected from my Piano CDs are available as sheet music.

These CDs feature solely piano music with an emphasis on melody – all mellow music, with no loud or uptempo sections to change the mood.

All original piano pieces. Some are improvised and some are composed in a more traditional manner. Each album features a light touch on the keys.

This music will bring a sense of peace and calm to your home/classroom/car/workspace.  More than 5000 have been sold independently to customers from all around the world. Scroll down to read some reviews from happy purchasers.

Ideal for weddings, meditation, yoga and beautiful background music for events and funerals.

Peace – Album #4

‘Peace is a fleeting moment –   ‘Peace‘, the album, is therefore a series of ‘moments’.  I hope this album brings peace into people’s lives.’  Pete

Featuring 20 pieces -1 hour of instrumental music, ideal for creating a relaxed environment at home or work.

‘Peace’ is in the same easy listening/instrumental genre as the previous well received piano albums ‘Eridanus/River Music’,  ‘The Unfolding’ and ‘Release’.

Here’s what people have had to say so far:

‘Aptly named… So restful. So beautiful.’ ‘It’s classy, soothing and  totally awesome.‘

‘Beautiful album from the very talented Pete Pascoe. Do yourself a favour and buy it.’

More Contemporary Classical CDs


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Eridanus / River Music – 70 Mins – Piano – Album 1

A combination of improvised and traditionally composed pieces.

After fishing along my favourite river and painting a picture – see cover art – I returned home in a chilled state of mind and composed the album.  The name ‘Eridanus’ comes from Greek Mythology. It is also a  constellation of stars, which is likened to a river. It flows through a portion of the heavens called ‘The Sea’ by the Greeks. Christians associated the constellation with the Red Sea, or Jordan. Chinese culture associated this constellation of stars with the name Yuh Sing, ‘The Golden Well’ and others Tien Yien ‘The Heavenly Park’.


 The Unfolding –  56mins – Piano – Album 2

‘I find Peace in the bush, by rivers or near the ocean. I hope this album brings you that feeling’ Pete Pascoe.

My inspiration for track 4 was the memory of the cycles of nature, the gradual unfolding of life. The name came later, when during a performance he noticed a young girl doing pirouettes and holding her mothers hand – I asked her name ‘Albertine’

Feedback:  ‘The Unfolding… is absolutely gorgeous… My music tastes are quite eclectic and I can really appreciate the beauty of your CD’’



Release – 60mins – Piano Solo – Album 3

Bright, uplifting tracks – beautiful music to bring serenity to a space.

Feedback:    So far I have listened to The Unfolding and Peace and I greatly loved the soothing calm effect it has on me. Your piano music really enchanted me. Many thanks for your music as it has helped me in my path of finding peace and inner calm. I am drowned in the serenity of your piano music. A.C

‘I bought your The Unfolding and River Music CDs last year. Very inspiring!’

‘…I’m using them with my Year 3 class during meditation and
they really love it. The music is just beautiful. My school
would like to order 2 sets of the 3 CDs to use during prayer and liturgies.’

Your 3 Piano CDs have been extremely well received and appreciated
by my patients… no sudden or loud notes to disrupt the mood,
the music just flows. I also use them to help me get to sleep at night.

-Remedial Massage Therapist

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  1. I use Pete’s music in my primary school art classes every day. The music is perfect for bringing focus and calm to the class. The children always work more productively and thoughtfully with less chatter. Couldn’t do without it now!

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