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All books Illustrated by Pete Pascoe and Written by Alan Bowater (ex-teacher & librarian)
The books in the ‘A Pig Called Pete meets…’ series feature lively, fun cartoons by Pete Pascoe and deliver a gentle lesson in friendship. Each book also has ‘Pete’ visiting many countries around the world and some planets – thus providing discussion opportunities about where these countries are found and the planets. There are 5 books in this series.
Daisy-May and the Aliens – When all the cows were sleeping, a UFO whizzed across the night sky. It kidnapped Daisy-May and the rest of the cows! Will they all become moo-cow milkshakes?
Series Review: ‘A Pig Called Pete meets…’

“These delightful books can support learning in many ways. With several words in each title that use the same initial sound, the books are excellent tools for fostering phonological awareness and later on for teaching alliteration and other devices that writers employ when considering word choices. That said, each title succeeds on its own as an entertaining story about an endearing pig who is purple rather than pink, who is fastidious instead of dirty, and who puts to rest the notion that pigs can’t fly. Pete visits many famous spots around the globe, opening the possibility for all kinds of geography lessons. In Cat, the pig sees his hopes and dreams almost dashed when he discovers that his new friend, Kitty, cannot fly and must decide whether flying or friendship is more important. In Dog, he must deal with the challenges of a three-way relationship as he watches Doug and Kitty fly off together in a balloon. Hilarious cartoon illustrations and simple but imaginative story lines will keep listeners engaged and coming back for more porcine adventures.”
—School Library Journal, USA

 Books:                                                                                                    *please note: Pete Pascoe is not associated in any way, with the joint publisher of these books, since ceasing all dealings with them in late 2013.

– the first book in the series. Sorry Currently Unavailable 

‘Pete doesn’t like being dirty. He won’t wallow in icky sticky mud…because it oozes between his toes and in his ears. Pete is squeaky clean and washes twice a day with sweet smelling soap. Pete’s been able to fly since he was a piglet…(©A.Bowater2004)

Sometimes a child’s imagination can go a long way …even around the world! Engaging the hearts and minds of all ages ‘A Pig Called Pete’ explores the life and adventures of a very special pig and the idea that everyone can fly if given wings.

Children’s Picture Book

the second book in the series

When ‘A Cat Called Kitty’ from Kathmandu meets ‘A Pig Called Pete’ in Paris, they discover that finding a friend is even better than flying around the world. Visited countries – Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Hawaii, France, Japan, Italy.

‘Under the Eiffel Tower he meets Kitty. A cat called Kitty from Kathmandu! She is fluffy and white and wears a feather boa and a floppy hat. ‘(©A.Bowater2004) Click here to purchase

Children’s 32pg Picture Book

the third book in the series – Sorry Currently Unavailable

When a ‘Dog Called Doug’ meets ‘A Pig Called Pete’ they find that making friends is good but sharing friends is great! Countries visited Egypt, Australia, Peru, Italy, America.

‘Doug looped the loop. No? Yes. Doug flapped in a figure of eight. NO? Yes. Doug did a cool Kamikaze dive…'(©A.Bowater2007)

Children’s picture book – 32pgs –                                                        the fourth book in the series –                       Sorry Currently Unavailable

Pete meets a tap dancing ‘Cow Called Carlotta’ and as they dance their way around the world they discover we should like our friends for just being themselves. Pete visits Fiji, Hawaii, England, China and Australia.

‘A tap dancing cow called Carlotta…she was tap dancing her way around the world…Pete told Carlotta he wanted to tap dance too!’ (©A.Bowater2007)

– the fifth book in the series Sorry Currently Unavailable

Pete and ‘A Sheep Called Sean’ find a friendship that’s out of this world, and visit the planets in a cardboard rocket. Pete and Sean visit the planets Neptune, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and Sean sees Halleys Comet.

‘Sean and Pete built a spaceship form boxes. It’s got a computer and two booster rockets. The Earth gets smaller and smaller.’ (©A.Bowater2007)Click here to purchase

chooks cover scan055 copy

THE DAY THE CHOOKS BLEW AWAY – Based on a True story –    Sorry Currently Unavailable 

A sudden storm hits Misery Farm and the chooks discover dreams really can come true – no matter how fanciful they may seem!

‘Every night when the chooks roost they dream. They want to see the world and become famous… Has anybody seen Rodney?? ‘(©A.Bowater2008)

* chooks is the Australian/New Zealand word sometimes used when speaking about chickens or hens

DAISY-MAY AND THE ALIENS – When all the cows were sleeping, a UFO whizzed across the night sky. It kidnapped Daisy-May and the rest of the cows! Will they all become moo-cow milkshakes?

‘The brightness surrounded her and she glowed like a lightbulb. Then, Daisy-May took flight! So did the rest of the cows.’ (©A.Bowater2011) Click here to purchase.

All Images ©2013 PetePascoe

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