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This blog is essentially my back story – where I came from. Each post focuses on a chapter from my (musical) past. The purpose of this blog is to entertain; to share experiences that might help others along their musical path; to shed a light on what it’s like to be a gigging musician; draw attention to published music and songs that have come about as a result of the creative life I’ve lived.




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2 thoughts on “Blog/Contact/Links

  1. Dear Pete,

    Many thanks for the special discounted price of 3 CDs offered to me on the Sunday market. So far I have listened to The Unfolding and Peace and I greatly loved the soothing calm effect it has on me. Your piano music really enchanted me. These will be the best souvenir to bring back to Kuala Lumpur.

    I was really captivated then the previous week when I came by your stall and you played live a piece of the piano music. It was just fascinating. I blamed it on the crepe I was holding then that prevented me to make any purchase of the CD as too handfuls.

    Well, it was a blessing in disguise then as I got a super good deal for the 3 CDs now. Many thanks for your music as it has helped me in my path of finding peace and inner calm. I am drowned in the serenity of your piano music. Guess it was always a dream for me to be able to play piano. I am at a very elementary stage in piano. I understand you will be posting your piano lesson online in due course. Looking forward to it. Any tips for beginner?

    I have browsed through your website and you amazed me with your many gifted talents besides music. You are indeed a multi-talented person who is blessing many by sharing your music, paintings and books to those who appreciate and value them.

    I am lucky to be one of the blessed one. Keep up the awesome work Pete and looking forward to meeting you again next Sunday if time jives. Perhaps you will be kind then to play a piece of your piano music live again.

    Have an enjoyable day.

    Your new fan,

  2. Hello, you are awesome! keep going!

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