I’m enjoying presenting my songs with this minimalist type of arrangement, allowing the lyrics to be heard clearly along with the melody, without the (sometimes) distracting more layered instrumentation. Whether you can manage a listen to just one track or have time to sit back and take in the whole album  – an increasingly rare occurrence these days – hope you enjoy some chilled piano/vocal original Melbourne Music

The Long Haul is a piano/vocal album (the 2nd in my ongoing singer/songwriter series).

Gentle strings and some backing harmonies embellish these arrangements.


Th e Long Haul – Lyrics and Music by Pete Pascoe.                      Recorded and Produced by Pete Pascoe

Don’t Miss The Bus ‘I wanted to share the songs with just piano/vocals (as if you were in a room, listening to me playing and singing) to clearly present the songs themselves – rather than with complicated musical arrangements, where songs can sometimes be lost.  Using just the piano as accompaniment allows me to play with dynamics: only a few quiet notes where I wanted to particularly draw attention to a lyric – or a fuller arrangement in sections to suggest a band or strings, etc.

When all’s said and done, I prefer some of my favourite artist’s live piano/vocal or guitar/vocal recordings, rather than the produced album cuts. Sometimes there’s just more emotion. You’ll see the the lyrics are sometimes autobiographical e.g. (As Far As I Can Tell ) and some talk about a more global picture ‘Fair New Day‘.

I enjoy writing both sorts of songs & at the end of the day, the interpretation is up to the listener. I will record some of these songs again in the future with more instrumentation. It’s great to be able to present them like this. I hope you enjoy the music.

Piano /Vocal Album

Piano /Vocal Album

Don’t Miss The Bus – Lyrics and Music by Pete Pascoe.                Recorded and Produced by Pete Pascoe