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2019 SBS Studios Inaugural Landscape Prize Finalist – Ranelagh Rocks is currently being exhibited at Southern Buoy Studios in Mornington (until 28th Sept). An exhibition celebrating the scenery of the Mornington Peninsula. This piece is for sale during the exhibition.

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STUDIO PAINTINGS –                                                     See all currently available paintings  here

Each painting invites the viewer to take a few relaxed breaths and be drawn into the scene.

All studio paintings are acrylic on boxed canvas.
Pete also paints plein air, acrylic on board and smaller boxed stretched canvas.
Paintings range in size.

Prints of Paintings are available in ivory Mat border to fit standard 23cm x 43cm (9″x17″) frame – to view prints click here

View Prints of EPA Paintings here

To order prints, to purchase  paintings or to request a commission please contact Pete using the contact form on this website.

‘I paint these scenes to bring a sense of peace into people’s homes and to remind us how beautiful Victoria’s coastline is.’

A multi-skilled artist Pete paints seascapes and has had many successful exhibitions around Melbourne, Australia.

Pete’s painting was chosen for the ‘People’s Choice’ award from a collection of 120  artists work at the Pink Lady Art Exhibition 2010.

Pete lives in Melbourne. He paints acrylic seascapes from around the State of Victoria. Pete uses acrylic paint for the vibrant natural colours. Coming from a watercolour background, his use of semi-transparent washes over stronger colours suggest light and depth. The fast drying nature of the medium keeps Pete moving and helps give his paintings a fresh sense of immediacy. Pete’s free washes of clouds and water contrast with his fine detail of the yachts and beaches. The resulting realism, combined with the natural style and keeps the eye moving to the different points of focus.

Go to Youtube to view a slideshow of a        selection of  Pete’s paintings  –  click here 

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